Pizza from the printer?

Recently published news has the word space highlighted in bold letters. If NASA ever wants to get humans back into space, and attempt long distance space travel, their food needs to last at least 15 years.  A 3D food printer uses ingredients (carbs, sugars, proteins, macro and micro nutrients) in powder form. Powder form is moisture-free, allowing the ingredients to last for up to 30 years.

Anjan Contractor,  the conceptualizor of the 3D food printer, has visions for the food printer that reach beyond outer space. He believes that the food printer can be used to end world hunger and combat future food shortages.

Contractor’s 3D printer has many components that can lend themselves to fighting hunger on earth. 3D printers can use alternative food sources that humans wouldn’t normally eat, like  algae, grass, duckweed, and insects, as ingredients. Using alternative ingredients would increase access to food and cheapen the cost. At the moment, the idea that 3D printer that creates food can be the answer to world hunger seems ridiculous, but the same could have been said about most breakthroughs.

Diagram for 3D Food Printers

3D Food Printer Video

Photo: TNO

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